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  • Fast Charging Technologies

    What is Fast Charging? While choosing a smartphone, we often consider different parameters: camera, screen size, processor and memory etc. In today...
  • The Fastest USB C Car Charger - Turbotiveā„¢Technology-Equipped M113 MANINAM

    HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.,Ā June 30, 2021Ā /PRNewswire/ --Ā MANINAM, theĀ California-based tech company that specializes in developing Fast Charging electronic solutions, is turning heads with itsĀ M113 Pioneer PPS car charger.


  • Experience The Turbotiveā„¢Technology of the Brand New MANINAM iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger

    With a compact size and high performance, the newĀ MANINAMĀ iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger offers the fastest charging capabilities on the market. The Turbotiveā„¢Technology in this new MANINAM charger not only keeps iPhone 12 Pro Max charged with incredible speed, but the adaptive technology will offer universal compatibility with all devices including super fast charging for Samsung galaxies.

  • MANINAM Releases Super Fast Charger Designed for iPhone 12 Pro Max

    MANINAM Releases Super Fast Charger Designed for iPhone 12 Pro Max Check out the latest iPhone charging solution - just released from leading tech...
  • MANINAM Super Fast iPhone 12 Charger

    Some phone manufacturers have opted not to include a charger with their new devices as part of their environment-conservation efforts. Although a noble endeavor, it leaves many of their users searching for a power adapter for their phones. If you're in the same situation, then you must be wondering which of the many choices available is best for your specific model or brand. Luckily, we have a wall charger adapter that can swiftly and safely power up the latest devices.
  • How Does PPS Charging Work?

    Programmable Power Supply (PPS) Technology is the most advanced charging technology by USB-IF for USB-C devices. Before diving deeper, let's r...
  • M113 Test Report

    M113 Charging Test Report

    To demonstrate the charging performance of M113 , we conducted a charging speed test using C to C MANINAM cable. We measured the time to reach charging levels at %30 , %50, %80 and %95 for Samsung Note-10 Plus.