The Fastest USB C Car Charger - Turbotive™Technology-Equipped M113 MANINAM

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In 2019, MANINAM brought their super-fast charging Turbotive Technology() to cars with the M113 - the Pioneer PPS car charger. It features Samsung's super-fast charging 2.0 protocol to meet devices such as Samsung S21, S20 and Note 10 plus specs.

MANINAM's founder - a car enthusiast and automotive engineer with years of experience in automotive companies like Fiat Chrysler and Renault - uses turbochargers and jet engines as an analogy for the incredible charging power of the M113 model.

He's not wrong! The M113 is one of the most efficient and fast-charging car chargers on the market today. In a world where car chargers are frustratingly inefficient, it is revolutionizing the market.

Turbotive Technology Completely Charges Phones On A Daily Commute
MANINAM launched the USB C Super Fast Car Charger M113 as one of their early products equipped with Turbotive Technology. Using its innovative fast-charging technology, the M113 can charge a Samsung S20-S21 from 0% to 100% power in 45 minutes and from 0% to 50% in only 20.

The MANINAM M113 continues to be a top seller - beating other products in super-fast charging and saving people's phone battery life on road trips.

The M113 Showcases Charging Versatility
Not only does the MANINAM M113 meet Samsung's super-fast charging 2.0 protocol, but it also features universal compatibility across today's most popular devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

  • Samsung Note 10 Plus

  • Samsung Note 20 Plus

  • Apple iPhone 12

  • Apple MacBook Pro

MANINAM's Products Come With A Lifetime Guarantee
Best of all, the M113 - and all other MANINAM products - come with a lifetime warranty. Should the M113 malfunction or quit charging with super-fast speed, MANINAM offers a replacement charger.

Along with their outstanding customer support (featuring real-life people!), consumers will love the entire MANINAM experience and become a customer for life.

The Turbotive Technology()-powered M113 car charger is a device that must be seen to be believed. Pick up the M113 today online and discover why over 1,300 customers have already left 5-star reviews for the M113 charger.

Brad Bartlett
Technical Writer


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