TESLA Charger Extension Cord - 16.4 Feet (5 meter)

TESLA Charger Extension Cord - 16.4 Feet (5 meter)

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Want to charge your Tesla on the go without having to worry about outlet accessibility?

Introducing the TESLA/NACS EXTENSION CORD – 16.4 Feet (5 meter)!

This heavy-duty and weatherproof charger cable extension cord adds an extra 15.4 ft of reach, allowing you to easily charge your Tesla no matter where you are. With a 48A, 240V, and 11 kW charging capacity this cord will provide maximum power for all generations of Destination Chargers, Mobile Connectors, and High Powered Wall Connectors.

Perfect for those who want to stay charged up on the move!\

It comes with a carrying case so it's easy to store safely when not in use, durable PC+ABS materials ensure that it’s long-lasting even under outdoor conditions, while pure copper + silver plated conductors guarantee optimal efficiency. Don't wait any longer

Get one now and make sure you never have to worry about unplugging again!

Click here now and purchase yourself a TESLA/NACS EXTENSION CORD, your destination charger just got easier!

Again, we are the only brand committed to offering Lifetime Warranty supported by friendly customer service locally in the USA.