About Us

MANINAM LLC is a USA-based engineering startup. The Power division is focused on developing high power consumer electronics. Our ultimate goal is to design, develop and manufacture small-size electrified transportation vehicles. The company founder worked as a Lead Product Design Engineer for 10 years in Automotive sector at Fiat Chrysler and Renault. Currently, he is thoroughly committed to build the MANINAM LLC a successful company. Etymology of "MANINAM” comes from the eternal dream of eternity, the dream fulfilled in infinity! We imagine the beautiful architecture of the future, engineer it with physics, and take actionable steps to bring it to reality. We truly believe that “Imagination is the highest form of research” as Albert Einstein Said.

Our Mission:

We want to help humans become more connected. A connection that can be achieved from an efficient system of mobility and communication. Here is a simplified perspective to the connected mobility problem: To move a set of connected objects, we need three main elements: Energy, Vehicle, and Communication. Despite limited financial resources as a self-funded startup, we are currently working on all the three vast areas by providing solutions to the current market needs while we are ambitiously looking for shaping the future.

Where We Are:

Energy: Currently our company is focused on power electronics to supply electricity for the future of electrified vehicles. We started by developing small chargers for electronic devices. We intend to expand the technology for larger devices and vehicles. You can find our official stores on our website and the amazon marketplace. 

Vehicle: We have started working with multiple industrial partners to develop Micromobility vehicles. Check out the Motor division at www.maninam-motor.com 

Communication: We are working on an Internet-based platform that allows our system to independently communicate with each other.