About Us

MANINAM is a bootstrap tech startup mainly focused on two main product categories of Micromobility Electric Vehicles and Super Fast Charging Technologies.

The company founders worked as a Lead Product Design Engineer for 10 years in the Automotive sector at Fiat Chrysler and Renault. The etymology of "MANINAM” comes from the name “Mani” meaning Eternal and the word “Nam” meaning Name in Persian. The founders are inspired by the meaning of the brand name to offer valuable products and services last long in their customers' memories.


Our Mission:

Our ultimate goal is to design and develop small-size electrified vehicles. We believe our modern transportation is still a continuation of old-fashioned vehicles designed for 5 passengers, 100 years ago. To move a 200 pounds average person, we drive a 3000 - 4000 pounds car to take us from point A to B. We move a lot of unnecessary weight to go around. This situation becomes even worse when we see an empty bus, weighing 20,000 - 30,000 pounds, moving only a few people around. The auto industry is struggling to minimize cars energy consumption. The auto companies strive to change the vehicles' power source from gas to electric vehicles for better energy management but the cars themselves waste energy by being too heavy for average single driver commutes.

We believe in downsizing the vehicles will be a key solution for maximizing the efficiency of transportation. Hence we started from the smallest mode of motorized vehicles, Electric Scooter. We intend to leverage our brand reputation to direct our products and services eventually toward designing individual-based vehicles. 


What we do now:


Energy: As batteries and chargers are inseparable key elements of electric vehicles, we decided to play a role in charging technologies. We decided to enter the battery charging devices market by picking the smallest device, USB Chargers. We decided to experience, learn and offer super-fast charging technologies for the smallest chargers. We intend to expand to larger chargers for Electric Micromobility and eventually Electric Vehicles. You can find our current products on our website and the amazon marketplace:




Vehicle: We’re making premium single-person EV’s accessible to the masses. The electric scooter has the potential to transform the way society operates, our impact on the environment, and how we get from destination to destination. By adopting luxurious design, premium manufacturing, and exceptional customer care, we envisage ourselves as the supercar of electric scooters.

You can find our Electric Scooters in our other website:




 Who We Are:


Mani Fasihozaman, Founder & CEO                   Mehran Fasihozaman, Cofounder & CTO