MANINAM Releases Super Fast Charger Designed for iPhone 12 Pro Max

MANINAM Releases Super Fast Charger Designed for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Check out the latest iPhone charging solution - just released from leading tech company MANINAM! 

In today’s digital-first world, knowing that you are never far away from a fast charge for your smartphone or device is a must. For those who love their iPhone 12 Pro Max, the team at MANINAM has launched a brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max Fast Charger featuring the latest in fast-charging technology. 

This new charger will impress you at first sight with its compact size and high performance. With the ability to quickly charge even the most powerful and advanced iPhone on the market, the brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max charger is wowing consumers with its style and efficiency. 

As with every product they design, MANINAM has created another charger iPhone 12 Pro Max users will want in their hands. Featuring the latest in fast-charging technology, the iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger brings together a compact, durable charger that will look great on any wall.

While many competitors look to create cheap, inexpensive chargers that must be purchased over and over, MANINAM is committed to creating products that you only need to buy once - because they are so durable and effective! MANINAM products are so dependable, that the company offers a lifetime warranty that will replace a defective or broken item quickly! 

Read on to learn more about the brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger from MANINAM, and how you can get your hands on this innovative new member of the MANINAM technology family!

10 Reasons Consumers Are Choosing MANINAM’s iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger

MANINAM’s brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max charger takes everything consumers love about mobile device chargers and matches it with an artistic aesthetic. The MANINAM iPhone 12 Pro Max charger is the perfect companion for home, in the office, or while you are out on the town. 

Featuring premier features such as lightning-fast, high-efficiency charging, this brand-new charger was designed to bring you the best charging experience. Let’s break down the top ten features of the new MANINAM iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger:

1. Super-Fast, Innovative Charging Technology Inside

How does the MANINAM iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger charge phones so fast and efficiently? The secret is within the small, portable charging unit! Each MANINAM charger is manufactured with the latest PPS and Turbotive  protocol - which has the power to charge the new iPhone 12 Pro Max from zero to 50% battery life in only 23 minutes! 

MANINAM product tests every charger to ensure that powerful charging happens safely. Each unit features high safety and voltage regulation to avoid any potential damage to the battery as it charges. 

The faster your charge, the more time saved for you to get your best work done! That is the MANINAM promise.

2. Available For Purchase With & Without An Apple MFI-Certified Cable

The team at MANINAM is always focused on providing top-tier products that are exactly what buyers need. That is why the MANINAM iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger is available for purchase online with or without the Apple MFI-Certified Cable. Whether you need a replacement cord to go with your brand new charger or are only in need of the hyper-fast charging unit, you can buy with confidence! 

3. Protective Turbotive Protocol

Whether you are traveling down the street or across the globe, the last thing you want to deal with is a bulky charger for your smartphone. 

Luckily, the MANINAM iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger comes in a small, pocket-friendly size. This makes the charger perfect for any backpack, purse, or pant pocket. Never be away from fast charger capabilities!

Did you know that many of today’s devices are plagued by hidden damage that can lead to deterioration and battery damage? The culprit is charging devices without the proper voltage control.

Common chargers that use QC3.0, PD3.0, and other protocols are unable to match the necessary voltage a device needs to charge safely. MANINAM has solved this issue with their Turbotive (PPS) protocol. The Turbotive system can accurately and safely match the voltage of the charger with the device’s unique battery with +- 0.02 Volts of difference. 

The results? No risk of battery damage or deterioration over time as voltage differences wear down the device! MANINAM’s Turbotive charging protocol is built into every iPhone 12 Pro Max charger - helping ensure that your device lasts as long as your charger!

4- Foldable & Sturdy Prongs

Many iPhone 12 chargers suffer from a similar issue: the prongs can easily break off in a socket if they are hit forcefully. Sometimes, prongs can get bent out of shape when sitting in a bag or purse, and are no longer able to plug into the wall properly. The intuitive design allows the prongs to ingress and egress easily - preventing the prongs from snagging on fabrics or scratching other items your charger may be stored with.

The MANINAM iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger features foldable prongs that fold back into the unit when not in use - saving you from unexpected issues. With sturdy prong construction, you won’t have to worry about the unit suffering from being smashed or bent!

5. Premium Quality Construction

When designing their new iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger, the MANINAM team didn’t cut corners. Each charger is manufactured with high-quality, premium materials that are built to last. Not only does each unit look great attached to any style of iPhone 12 Pro Max, but you can trust that the charger will continue to provide powerful charging via the unit for years.

6. A Lifetime Warranty Included

Should something occur with your brand new MANINAM iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger, the company will send you a new unit to replace the broken or problematic unit free of charge. MANINAM believes highly in customer service and integrity, so ensuring that every consumer has an effective charging experience is at the core of the company. 

7- An Investment In A Long-Term Product

Other iPhone Max Pro chargers on the market come at a cheap price tag - with even cheaper charging results. Some start well but lose their charging capabilities quickly as the unit wears down prematurely. Others come broken out of the box, never offering the fast and powerful charging experience that you need for your iPhone 12 Pro Max.

At MANINAM, every product is made with the highest quality materials and manufacturing - ensuring that your investment in a premier product will be one of the few purchases you have to make. Why buy time and again when your product works?

8. Small & Stylish EVA Case Included 

Not only does the MANINAM iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger offer unbeatable charging for your smartphone, but each charger also comes complete with a high-quality EVA case that pairs perfectly with the charging unit. The case is small enough for portability with room for your charger cable and even a smaller item such as AirPods.

Nothing completes a high-end charger than a designer EVA case that offers a complete luxury experience with an EVA case that is great to the touch and the eye! 

9. Packaged With Sustainability

In packaging the new iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger, the team at MANINAM wanted to create a buying experience that helped the consumer and the environment. This is why every MANINAM iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger comes packed in a bio-friendly compostable bag to encourage sustainability. Now, when you buy a charger for your iPhone, you can give a bit back to the environment as well!

10. The Most Aesthetically-Pleasing Charger On The Market

When it comes to a charger, you may not put much thought into style and aesthetics. However, as a piece of equipment you use every single day, why not ensure that your iPhone charger is offering the same style that you expect from your device? 

The MANINAM iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger was designed for both functionality and style, bringing together the best of the electronic and fashion world to create the market’s most aesthetically pleasing charger!

Buy The iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger From MANINAM Today

MANINAM has continued to impress the technology world with products that focus on harnessing the power of fast charging technology designed with premium materials. With the iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger, MANINAM continues to raise the bar on what consumers expect from their smartphone device accessory designer. 

Want to learn more? Head over to MANINAM online to learn more about the iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger and other products that are now available. Discover why so many iPhone users are choosing the consumer-focused team at MANINAM over competitors due to their passion for customer service, care, and compassion in each product. 

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